Monday, January 31, 2005

Peace and Justice

I call you to justice.
To strive against evil.
To march for the right.
In turmoil find peace.

Sin not by inaction.
Go forth to serve me.
Be light in darkness.
Be planted in my peace.

What is hidden make known.
Expose hidden sin.
Bring justice to the oppressed.
you will find peace.

Learn to serve me
in midst of struggle.
See me within you
relax in my peace.
© Presbypoet May 7, 2000
Will you go forth to seek justice
and relax in His peace? - Presbypoet 1-31-05

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I bring you triumph
Joy and Peace.
Your shackles will
fall to your feet.

Walk with Me
from prison.
Where your old nature
trapped you.

Let Me transform you.
Let Me refine.
Let Me purify you
giving you hope.

You’re an offering
fragrant to Me.
Give up your old self.
Become new creation.

Let Me come in
and set you free.
Walk in triumph
walking beside Me.
© Presbypoet, July 2, 2000
Do you want to be free?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

God's Gift

My ways are not
your ways.
You want to be
in control.

You want peace and
green pastures.
Like the five thousand
you want to be fed.

That’s not My promise.
That’s not My plan.
I send you places
you never ask.

I demand you and Abram
go to my promised land.
I sent Gabriel to Mary
with gifts unasked.

Like Mary I offer you
gifts for My purpose.
Like Paul I send you
to Jerusalem.

Will you go
where I send you?
Take up your cross.
Listen to My voice.

Hear My plan.
Hear My promise.
Know I am
in control.

Know I am
your God.
Mark 6:35-52, Luke 1:26-35, Acts 21:4, 10-14
© Presbypoet, December 22, 2002
Will you go?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Intimacy Offered

in need of healing
you come.

in desolate silence
you come.

decaying bones
you come.

dying of thirst
you come.

in pain
you come.

Called in your pain
to come.

you cannot come.

wings battered
against invisible prison
you cannot come.

The bridge is out
your path
you cannot come.

deaf & dumb
you cannot come.

no map
you cannot come.

trapped in that
Sabbath ditch
you cannot come.

Cry out in pain.
Cry out in prison.
Cry out in anguish.
Cry out in the midst of misery.
Cry out in blindness.
Cry out...Alone.

Terror washes over.
Too strong to endure.
Trapped in that ditch
Death’s flood soon to overcome.
Breath becomes impossible.
Suicide only hope.



I speak in your blind pain.
Hear Me in still small voice.
You are not alone.
Help is offered.
Rescue assured.
Reach out.
Open the door.
Let Me come into you.
Commune with me.

I endured your pain.
I suffered for you.
In midst of pain.
In midst of sorrow.
In midst of bankruptcy, both fiscal and moral.
In midst of most awful suffering.
I am with you.
I came for you.

Wounds tended.
Healing offered.
Joy overflows.
I offer intimacy.
To walk close beside.

Hear My voice.
See Me clearly.
Feel My tender touch.
Know My love.
You are never alone.
Hope is within.

Become ever joyful
in midst of suffering.
The pain will remain
but there is purpose now.

Go now.
Share me with others
trapped in pain
shattered in sorrow.
Go offer hope.
Go offer Me.
© Presbypoet, March 18, 2000
We offer you hope.
Will you accept?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Being Fruitful

Go be fruitful.
I am the source.
I am the vine.
You are the branch.

I chose you not
for what you can do
but rather what
I do through you.

Don’t let guilt for sin
imprison you.
Instead hear what
I want you to do.

Those I love I prune.
In pain you find me.
Like a loving father
disciplines his son.

Be careful My beloved.
Prune only what is dead.
Don’t pull up the grain
when you seek the weeds.
© Presbypoet, May 22, 2000
Revised January 27, 2005
How does God need to prune you?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Lord why do you
let us suffer
lost in pain
& woe?

My demand to you.
see those in pain
beside you.
Trapped by woe.

Feel their soul’s
burning pain.
See Me stand
with them.

Join Me
as I weep
with those
in pain.

Go to those
who suffer
lost in depression’s
black hole.

You walk
holy ground
as you share
their pain.
©Presbypoet, February 9, 2003
Who does Jesus send you to?
Who's pain should you share?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let Me Transform You

Let Me give you
a new life.
Let Me refine
all your dross.
So you become
finest silver.
Let Me change
and transform you.

There is nothing
I can not heal.
Come to My cross
and give Me your sins.
I came to suffer & die
so you could live.
So you can know Me
& give glory to God.
(inspired by Dennis W. Sermon, January 23, 2005
© Presbypoet, January 23, 2005
How do you need to be transformed?
- Presbypoet 1-25-05

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Devil's Not Your Friend

Why on earth do you
make wrong choices?
Why do you choose
broad easy path?

Why do you fall
for temptation?
You’re seduced
by cheap counterfeit.

When voice calls
tempting to sin.
Remember this word.
The Devil’s not your friend.
© Presbypoet, May 18, 2003
Do you know---
The Devil's not your friend.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Accept My Gifts

Why do you think
My gifts aren’t for you?
Why are you so blind
to what I offer?

I offer you gifts
beyond your comprehension.
Accept My gifts
so you may serve.
(Inspired by Dennis W. Sermon January 23, 2005)
© Presbypoet, January 23, 2005
Do you know that God has gifts for you?
Will you accept them?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Welcome Home

You journeyed far
from home.
You were lost
but now found.
Let My loving hands
embrace you.

So proud of yourself
you went off alone.
Don’t you know
I love you?
Don’t you know
I care for you?

Welcome home.
Come put on My robe.
Sit down with Me.
Share My fatted calf.
Will you come in
and come to Me?

You worked in your field
without joy or love.
Don’t you know
I love you?
Don’t you know
I care for you?

Welcome your brother
home from foreign land.
Sit down with us.
Share My fatted calf.
Will you come in
and come to Me?
(Luke 15:11-32)
(Inspired by John B. sermon at Presbytery, September 27, 2003)
© Presbypoet, September 27, 2003
Do you know He loves you?
Will you come in and join us?

Friday, January 21, 2005

Remain In Me

Abide in Me.
Be at peace.
This is My hope
I want to share.

Let Me remain
within you.
Invite Me in
to live with you.

Become intimate
and know Me.
Take Me within
in body and blood.

Relax and be
truly at peace.
Like a dog lying
at his master's feet.

Let the Spirit come
and fall upon you.
Let joy fill you
to overflowing.

Let all who see you
see Me within.
Full of Holy Spirit
share Me with others.
Inspired by Mark R. January 16, 2005
© Presbypoet, January 16, 2005

Will you let His joy fill you
to overflowing?
Do others see Him when they see you?
Presbypoet 1-21-05

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Your face peered in the window,
to see if I was there.
Bright eyes, so full of joy.
Little did I know,
within your body,
death lurked unseen.

Next I saw you.
you lay so cold & weak.
Death had come to claim you.
We did all could be done.
But death’s grip too firm.
To rescue you from the cold.

Your passing reminds,
of life’s fragility.
How easy one way passage,
from this world to the next.
Let us learn a lesson,
to value those we love.

To let those we love,
know the way we feel.
Not fear to speak or act,
to show our love to them.
Thank you for the lesson taught,
in your love for us.
© Presbypoet, January 19, 2002
to A. died 1-18-02,
I miss you.

Who do you need to show your love to?
Are you afraid?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Asking For Wisdom

You ask for wisdom
You ask for direction
you claim to want
to know My will.
You claim it’s hard
to know My will.

Come pray together.
Pray in agreement.
Not for direction
but so you know
I am with you
whatever path you take.

Come together
bear each other’s burdens.
Share your pain.
Confess to be healed.
Come together
in Me.

Come work together.
Don’t just say
you love Me.
Be My hands
and feet
where you are.

If you love Me.
Feed My sheep.
Come to see Me
in their pain.
Bring My healing.
Bring My joy.
© Presbypoet, September 15, 2002
What does God want you to do?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Are You Ready

Are you ready,
when Master knocks?
Does your lamp burn?
Will you throw open,
the door & rejoice?
Glad your Master,
has come.
Are you ready?

Don’t just hang on,
hoping without hope.
Waiting listless,
& limp.
Be alert.
Be on guard.
Ready to do,
My will.

My servant,
I call you,
Be ready,
alert to My will.
In darkness,
in death,
have faith,
the light comes.

When nothing goes right,
all seems lost,
evil has overwhelmed.
Be not afraid.
Be ready to,
throw open the door.
Ready to great Me &
eat My feast.
(Luke 12: 32-48)
© Presbypoet, August 12, 2001

Are you ready? - Presbypoet January 18, 2004

Monday, January 17, 2005

Being Corrected

Thank you for ripping out my heart.

Leaving it bleeding cut to ribbons.

Thank you for teaching

how little I know.

Thank you for showing

what I was too blind to see.

© Presbypoet, March 24, 2002

This poem expresses one of lifes greatest puzzles. How do I know what I don't know?
When I learn what I don't know, it's generally painful. It hurts. Often it forces me to change in ways I don't want to. Yet I should thank the one who teaches me what i was too blind to see.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Abide in Me

Abide in Me.
Those I love
I prune
to strengthen.

Let Me prune you
to be fruitful.
In trials
you are blessed.

Abide in Me.
Trust Me.
I will provide
your deepest needs.

Be sanctified.
Learn to know Me.
Without Me
you can’t bear fruit.

Abide in Me.
Be rooted
in My grace
love & peace.

I am the vine
rooted in truth.
Be My branch
bear much fruit.

Abide in Me.
Drink My cup.
The cup offered
James & John.

Drink My cup,
in obedience & hope.
Take Me within,
bear My fruit.
(John 15:1-5, Col. 2:6-7)
Inspired by Jimmy from The Gambia 2-3-02
© Presbypoet, February 3, 2002
Will you abide in Him?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Blessing for Al and Stephanie

In your pain
know I’m with you.
There is purpose.
There is plan.
My loving arms
wrap close around.
In pain, find joy.
Know I love you.

Simple solution
isn’t promised.
My purpose is far
beyond understanding.
Pain is not purpose
yet it’s often involved.
Suffering can purify
and help you to see.

What’s promised is love.
Often I weep.
At life that is hard.
Of souls who are weak.
Know I am with you.
No matter how dark.
I will never forsake you.
I love you, dear sheep.

Remember the two
on the road to Emmaus.
Life seemed so dark
hopeless and bleak.
See Me in your pain
the same way they did.
Know I walk with you
no matter what happens.

Like Mary & Martha
angry at Me.
They didn’t know
why I delayed.
The reason for suffering
you’ll never know
til you meet Me in person
in heaven above.

Relax and let go.
You don’t have to bear
all this on yourselves.
Let others help.
See Me in them.
Let them be My blessing.
Appreciate how they love you
just as I do.
(Luke 24:13-35, John 11:17-35)
© Presbypoet, December 16, 2000

This was written for two friends, one dying of cancer.
It is shared as a gift for all who have lost a loved one.
Know Jesus weeps with you and loves you.
Yet in the midst of bleak grief and anguish,
a rainbow of true hope and joy is offered.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Turn Aside and Follow Me

Turn aside and follow me.
You see the homeless man.
Leave Your rutted path.
Like Peter, Matthew, Paul,
I Call You.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
Hear Me in the voice,
of the self same Wounded Man.
Along that road,
from Jericho to Your neighbor and My friend.
Turn aside and follow Me,

Turn aside and follow Me.
You hear Me, as I moan,
and die.
Alone on that tree.
Abandoned by My friends.
Turn aside and follow ME

Turn aside and follow Me.
Join Me on My cross.
Take up Your own,
Make it Your own.
Die to Yourself, for Me,
Turn aside, AND FOLLOW ME

Turn aside and follow Me.
Like Peter in his boat, who
Stepped into a storm for Me.
I call You in Your Storm.
Step out on the surging sea.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
I lead You into light.
A life forever free.
I offer You eternal life.
A servant life, like Me.
Turn aside and follow Me

Turn aside and follow Me
I offer You life,
and death.
Open the door.
and let Me in.

Turn aside and follow Me.
Go sell all that owns You.
Give up everything for Me.
I call you to a purpose.
If only You would see.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
You now are walking blind.
Give up your blindness to Me.
Gaze on My loving eyes.
Then You will truly see.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
and Praise.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me
Surrender all by choice
Trust, and hear My voice
Follow where I lead.
You will then rejoice.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
I demand nothing,
and all.
I offer You nothing,
and all.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me.
Like Elisha, burn your plow,
Sacrifice your cattle.
That keep You from the joy,
Of service to Your master.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me
I invite You to My arms.
Know My warm embrace.
Hear My invitation, if
Like children You’d become.
Turn aside and follow Me.

Turn aside and follow Me
Like St. Paul on the road.
Like two going to Emmaus,
Meet Me, I invite You
Join Me on Your road.
Turn aside and follow Me.
(c) April 1999, Presbypoet
When I heard this and wrote it down ,little did I know how much I would hear. Presbypoet January 14, 2005.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Prayer of Submission

Where in my life
does darkness hold sway?

Where is the weakness
in my life?

What do I need to know
to let me be healed?

Lord reveal to me
what you want to heal.

Let me confess it
to be healed.

Lord I surrender
all my life to you.

Touch my most intimate heart.
I know that you will heal.

© Presbypoet, February 10, 2004
Will you pray this prayer?
Do you want to be healed?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Be Mature

Don’t pretend
you know
when you

Learn to know
that you
don’t know
My truth.

Be fed.
Be nourished.
Grow in knowledge
of My love.

Become mature.
Confess and be healed.
Let Me refine
your dross.
© Presbypoet, June 6, 2002
What don't you know you don't know?
What do you need to know?
What do you need to ask?
Will you listen? - Presbypoet January 12, 2005

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Healing Your Addictions

You wonder why I won't
heal your addictions.
Why should I bother
if you only seek another master.

Addiction's not the problem.
It's that you choose
something else to fill
your God shaped hole.

Unless you take Me within
if I cast out one demon.
Six would come
in its place.
(Matt 12:43-45)
© Presbypoet, January 9, 2005
You ask for deliverance.
He gives you discipline.
Now do you understand why?

Monday, January 10, 2005


You want deliverance
I offer discipline.
You demand I heal your addictions
instead I offer gift of painful discipline.

In your suffering
you can find Me.
Learn to trust Me.
Learn to love Me.

When you offer
true agape love.
Don't expect reward
here on earth.

I offer you
the chance to serve.
I offer you the
road of obedience.

Abide in Me.
Let Me in.
My yoke is easy.
Embrace My peace.
(Matthew 11:28-30)
Inspired by Dennis W. Sermon January 9, 2005
© Presbypoet, January 9, 2005
Will you joyfully accept discipline?
Do you understand discipline is a gift?

Sunday, January 09, 2005


They’re not yours
you know.
You think they come
for you.
They’re not you
but separate soul.

Let prodigal go
go to feed pigs
yet hold him tight.
Love keeps him close.
He can only love Me
when you free him
to know & serve Me
in intimate freedom.
© Presbypoet January 6, 2002
This is not easy to do.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


You give Me excuses
to not do My will.
You claim to follow Me
but serve other masters instead.

You can’t fool Me.
I know your heart.
Your feeble excuses are
threadbare & worn.

Come to My wedding feast
strip off your rags.
Rejoice with Me.
Put on My cloak.

Don’t pretend
to wear My cloak.
Confess your sin.
Put on My cloak.

Don’t just say
but do.
Come in.
Wear My cloak.
©Presbypoet, October 5, 2002
We keep trying to make excuses to God
to convince ourselves that we don't need
to take off our filthy rags and wear His
wedding cloak.
What excuses are you making?

Friday, January 07, 2005


You lie
to seek
to control
your life.

You won’t
take responsibility
for your actions
but escape by lying.

You write words
that sound true
but are only used
to hide the truth.

Like a letter
from Saddam
that pretends
to obey resolutions.

Repent and speak the truth
in love.
to be healed.

Be transparent.
Open to Me.
Don’t fear
to be honest.
(Ephesians 4:25-32)
© Presbypoet, October 13, 2002
Will you speak the truth in love?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

How To Hear Me

Be open.
Let Me come in.
Love Me.
Know I love you
with love
than you can know.

Know Me.
Don’t learn about Me.
Know Me.
Know who I am.
Hear My still
soft voice.
My sheep know
their shepherd’s voice.

I told Peter come.
Step into the storm.
Leave your security.
Come to Me.
I tell you come
into life’s storm.
Leave your security
Come to Me.

No matter how
you struggle
you will never be
closer to Me.
Yet strive
with all your heart
to draw closer
to Me.
© Presbypoet September 23, 2002
Do you know His voice?

Be My Body

The devil
would deceive you.
Tell you
salvation must be earned.
Tell you
grace isn’t needed.
Tell you
it’s up to you.

If you don’t know Me
you fear to fail.
You’d bury My gift
fearing to fail.
You’d hide your light
under a basket.
You’d fear to confess
you’re one of Mine.

I invite you
to know Me.
Invite you
to become mature.
Invite you
to trust Me.
Invite you
to be My body.
© Presbypoet, July 14th, 2002
Will you accept His invitation?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You ask Why

Don't ask why.
When death intrudes.
When tsunami strikes.
When evil strides triumphant.
Instead I ask you My beloved.
Do you trust Me fully?

I allow evil and death.
I allow danger and disaster.
Pain and suffering oft result.
I offer you real freedom.
You can choose whom you will serve.
Will you follow Me or be the devil's pawn.

"Why" is far beyond comprehension.
Yet "why" is easy to understand.
If you truly love you give freedom.
Prodigal's father lets him go knowing son can die.
Yet patiently he waits for beloved son's return.
He gave him freedom to fail on order to succeed.

It's not that in Genesis garden myth
devil won when Eve the "apple" bit
and Adam joined her in the bitter fall.
A myth that seems to say
twas mistake to offer freedom they chose
it was their fault and I was not involved.

You think that I am a distant God.
I love you more than any parent
who lets go a bicycle so child
can learn to ride like the wind.
I sent My son and came for you.
To save you from your sin.

Death didn't/doesn't win.
Evil's triumph is not the end.
Hope is real and true.
I love you far beyond your knowing.
Do you love and trust Me?
I give you freedom to come to Me.
What is your choice?
© Presbypoet, January 4, 2005
Why do you keep asking why?
Will you learn to trust Him?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Bondage and Freedom

You love the rules
that bind you.
You love the safety
of their cage
that keeps you
from freedom.
You want a wall
to keep you in.

You don’t know Me.
Let Me free you.
Free you from
your rules.
Come to Me.
Free to go.
Come freely.
Take My cross.

Know Me.
Be bound by My love.
Like Mary, Moses
all the saints.
Go forth.
©Presbypoet, August 18, 2002
What are the rules that bind you?

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Helpless wretch
naked & broken.
I offer you the gift
of My life.
Not mere cheap bauble
that cost Me nothing
but My sacrificial death
pearl beyond price.

Come in gratitude.
Learn by heart
My painful price
paid for you.
Don’t serve Me
out of guilt.
Don’t serve Me
to impress.

All I ask
is you come
without guile.
Curl up in My lap.
Be My adopted child.
Live life of gratitude.
© Presbypoet October 6, 2002
Will you accept with gratitude?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A God Who Died For Me

(Love so amazing beyond comprehension)

You came.
You left heavens glory.
You became helpless babe.
You willingly drank bitter cup.
You suffered most painful death.
You forgave those who betray you.
You offer a gift beyond price.
You offer transformation
and union with God.
You offer life.

Adulterous woman waited.
Waited for stones to crush bones.
Hopeless and alone, deserving death.
Thief on his cross only able to speak and die.
Tax collector beating his chest aware of unworthiness.
Like them I have no gift worthy of you to give.
I desire your glorious gift of life eternal.
Your gift fills me with awe.
Lord I am not worthy.
I accept your gift.
John 8:2-11
© Presbypoet, March 10, 2004
Do you? - Presbypoet January 1, 2005