Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Blessing for Al and Stephanie

In your pain
know I’m with you.
There is purpose.
There is plan.
My loving arms
wrap close around.
In pain, find joy.
Know I love you.

Simple solution
isn’t promised.
My purpose is far
beyond understanding.
Pain is not purpose
yet it’s often involved.
Suffering can purify
and help you to see.

What’s promised is love.
Often I weep.
At life that is hard.
Of souls who are weak.
Know I am with you.
No matter how dark.
I will never forsake you.
I love you, dear sheep.

Remember the two
on the road to Emmaus.
Life seemed so dark
hopeless and bleak.
See Me in your pain
the same way they did.
Know I walk with you
no matter what happens.

Like Mary & Martha
angry at Me.
They didn’t know
why I delayed.
The reason for suffering
you’ll never know
til you meet Me in person
in heaven above.

Relax and let go.
You don’t have to bear
all this on yourselves.
Let others help.
See Me in them.
Let them be My blessing.
Appreciate how they love you
just as I do.
(Luke 24:13-35, John 11:17-35)
© Presbypoet, December 16, 2000

This was written for two friends, one dying of cancer.
It is shared as a gift for all who have lost a loved one.
Know Jesus weeps with you and loves you.
Yet in the midst of bleak grief and anguish,
a rainbow of true hope and joy is offered.


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