Thursday, February 17, 2005

Do You Know

Do you know?
Do you know
I love you?
Do you know
I care?
Do you know
I seek
your greatest

Do you see Me?
Do you hear Me?
Do you feel My
tender touch?
Don’t think
to find Me
in rules
or commandments.

You don’t find Me
with your intellect.
You don’t find Me
in your feelings.
You find Me
when you know
My great love
for you.

You find Me
when you open
to Me.
You find Me
when you come
as prodigal
to share My joyful feast
© Presbypoet, October 20, 2002

Do you want to come?
Do you know how?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fear and Trembling

Pharisee -so sure.
Know this -
more certain you are
more slippery truth hides.
Know Me, I Am.
Know utter impossibility
knowing any of
My unknowable truth.

Trust Me.
Trust when storm
I send is
beyond your control.
Trust when death takes
one you love.
Trust when deliverance
seems hopeless.

Work out your faith
in fear & trembling.
Go into wilderness
& find Me.
Be not afraid.
In midst of terror
beyond hope
know Me, My beloved.
© Presbypoet, March 22, 2002
Do you know Him?
Be not afraid.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Became Man

The devil tempted Me
not to be truly human.
Tempted Me to just
skip the suffering.

When I was tempted.
The offer was real.
I became fully man
and suffered with you.

Because I love you
I came to suffer.
I truly suffered.
Endured pain for you.

On that cross I hung
bearing full weight of
sin.The nails were real
driven into real flesh.

I died on that cross.
To free you from sin.
Then rose in three days.
With vic'tory over death.
(Matthew 4:1-11)
Inspired by homily by Fr. Michael M.
© Presbypoet, February 13, 2005

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My Destination

You ask Me for guidance.
Where is the path?
So easy to turn away
and be safe.
The question I ask:
If I show the path
will you follow
Where I lead?

I demand obedience.
Not just knowing
where you should go
what you should do.
Don’t just hear Me
but step out in obedience.
Not as puppet
but dear beloved friend.

You ask for answer.
Think it’s all you need.
It’s just the start.
Along the road of peace.
My path is narrow.
My way is hard.
You can’t do it
on your own.

Will you listen?
Will you hear?
Will you know Me ?
Will you walk
beside Me?
Take My hand.
Go with Me
to My destination.

Will you take My cup?
Drink it fully?
When I tell you true
where I send you.
Without full obedience
faith in My word
it's useless to tell you
what to do.

Let Me redeem you.
Refine your flaws.
Burn away
all your dross.
I don’t offer
easy path.
All I offer
is your cross.
Heard June 4, 2001. To ---, be joyful always, from Jesus.

I didn't copyright this. It doesn't come from me. It came to me.
All I can do is stare in astonishment and say…
You want me to do What!?
This is the way of discipleship. I understand it,
and at the same time realize full understanding is impossible.
This road is a road of joy and pain, peace and suffering.
Walking the path up Everest blindfolded is easier.
Yet his yoke is easy. His burden light.
May any who read this, know He offers you your cross.
Will you accept? - Presbypoet, February 12, 2005

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


You think I am Allah.
You don’t understand.
You don’t know Me.
Know Jesus to know Me.

I came –
Fully God.
Fully man.
To suffer and die for you.

"Jesus" was/is not
some new age guru
or simply a Buddha
seeking enlightenment.

The devil is real.
Evil has a face.
He seeks to deceive
with words that sound nice.

He offers a gospel
of tolerance and spirituality.
Just seek your own truth.
Believe in anything you want.

Don’t be deceived.
I am not mocked.
Know the truth.
Know Me.
©Presbypoet, November 16, 2003, heard at 7AM
Do you know Him?
If you don't why not?
Who is He?
Do you know the Truth?
He will set you free.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Do You Trust Me

(will you)
Do you trust me?
In Darkest Night,
will you surrender
what little you have?

Do you trust me?
Facing imminent Death,
will you walk forward,
for martyrs gift?

Do you trust Me?
When the Servant Girl,
asks if you are mine?
Will you abandon Me?

Do you trust Me?
In dire poverty
will you throw
your final mite?

Do you trust Me?
Will you listen?
Will you obey?
Will you bake Elijah your cake?
© November 12, 2000, Presbypoet
(Ist kings 17: 10-16)
(Mark 12: 41-44)
Will you trust Him?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Why You Hear Me

Your wisdom
is foolishness.
You don’t impress Me
with what you know.

You think you
understand Me.
You have no way
to comprehend My plan.

Yet the simplest of fools
with nothing to offer
can hear Me
and obey Me.

Don’t be so proud
I speak to you.
I speak to all.
Only a few listen.
Isaiah 29:14, Matthew 11:25, Luke 10:21, First Corinthians 1:18-25
© Presbypoet, November 29, 2003, Heard at 5:45 AM

When i say i take dictation,
this is one of the best examples of the gift.
A gift that can come without warning.
A gift that is humbling.

Read His Word.
Simple words.
Words that woke me.
A gift for all.

Will you listen?
Will you write what you hear?
Will you obey Him?
Do you know He loves you?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

How Do You Know It’s Me you Hear

How do you know
It’s Me you hear?
The voice that Mohammed
and Joseph Smith heard
was dark angel.
Not Me.

To know it’s Me you hear.
Read My word.
Get to know Me.
Be still.
Then listen.
Hear Me in the silence.
© Presbypoet, November 29, 2003, heard at 6:45 AM

Do you hear Him?
Do you want to?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Your Tongue

Can you control your tongue?
Do you curse? Or Praise?
Do you know when to speak
or stay silent?

Control your tongue.
Speak words of grace for Me.
Sing songs of joy to Me.
Sing songs of praise to Me.

Your words have power
for good or ill.
Listen to Me.
Speak My words.
(Ephesians 5:19, James 3:3-12)
©Presbypoet, November 17, 2002
Can you control your tongue?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Beatitudes

Read the Beatitudes
to know the mind of God
Understand their meaning
to know who I am.
On the cross
I trusted God.
I said not My will
but thine be done.

I came to bring justice.
Not peace but a sword.
I showed divine wrath
driving out the money lenders.
I came to show compassion
healing the blind and lame.
Offering forgiveness
to all who accept grace.

I came to offer peace.
Not peace in absence of conflict
but utter peace and joy
in midst of suffering.
I came to show how
to be intimate with God.
To show those who seek
you will be found by God.

I came with humility.
I gave up heavens joy
and came to earth
as a humble babe.
This is how you
come to know Me.
Read the beatitudes.
They tell you who I am.
Matthew 5:1-12
Inspired by Michael B. January 30, 2005
©Presbypoet, January 30, 2005