Saturday, February 12, 2005

My Destination

You ask Me for guidance.
Where is the path?
So easy to turn away
and be safe.
The question I ask:
If I show the path
will you follow
Where I lead?

I demand obedience.
Not just knowing
where you should go
what you should do.
Don’t just hear Me
but step out in obedience.
Not as puppet
but dear beloved friend.

You ask for answer.
Think it’s all you need.
It’s just the start.
Along the road of peace.
My path is narrow.
My way is hard.
You can’t do it
on your own.

Will you listen?
Will you hear?
Will you know Me ?
Will you walk
beside Me?
Take My hand.
Go with Me
to My destination.

Will you take My cup?
Drink it fully?
When I tell you true
where I send you.
Without full obedience
faith in My word
it's useless to tell you
what to do.

Let Me redeem you.
Refine your flaws.
Burn away
all your dross.
I don’t offer
easy path.
All I offer
is your cross.
Heard June 4, 2001. To ---, be joyful always, from Jesus.

I didn't copyright this. It doesn't come from me. It came to me.
All I can do is stare in astonishment and say…
You want me to do What!?
This is the way of discipleship. I understand it,
and at the same time realize full understanding is impossible.
This road is a road of joy and pain, peace and suffering.
Walking the path up Everest blindfolded is easier.
Yet his yoke is easy. His burden light.
May any who read this, know He offers you your cross.
Will you accept? - Presbypoet, February 12, 2005


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