Thursday, February 03, 2005

How Do You Know It’s Me you Hear

How do you know
It’s Me you hear?
The voice that Mohammed
and Joseph Smith heard
was dark angel.
Not Me.

To know it’s Me you hear.
Read My word.
Get to know Me.
Be still.
Then listen.
Hear Me in the silence.
© Presbypoet, November 29, 2003, heard at 6:45 AM

Do you hear Him?
Do you want to?


Blogger anybudee said...

Cool. Very cool. You GET it, man.
And put it to verse!

I especially liked, "I Became Man"

Identificaton with Him gets to be more and more the whole point the further I go.

My wife used to write poetry. Never submitted anything that wasn't published. Then took a Poetry Workshop in college. Never wrote again.


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