Saturday, January 29, 2005

God's Gift

My ways are not
your ways.
You want to be
in control.

You want peace and
green pastures.
Like the five thousand
you want to be fed.

That’s not My promise.
That’s not My plan.
I send you places
you never ask.

I demand you and Abram
go to my promised land.
I sent Gabriel to Mary
with gifts unasked.

Like Mary I offer you
gifts for My purpose.
Like Paul I send you
to Jerusalem.

Will you go
where I send you?
Take up your cross.
Listen to My voice.

Hear My plan.
Hear My promise.
Know I am
in control.

Know I am
your God.
Mark 6:35-52, Luke 1:26-35, Acts 21:4, 10-14
© Presbypoet, December 22, 2002
Will you go?


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