Thursday, January 20, 2005


Your face peered in the window,
to see if I was there.
Bright eyes, so full of joy.
Little did I know,
within your body,
death lurked unseen.

Next I saw you.
you lay so cold & weak.
Death had come to claim you.
We did all could be done.
But death’s grip too firm.
To rescue you from the cold.

Your passing reminds,
of life’s fragility.
How easy one way passage,
from this world to the next.
Let us learn a lesson,
to value those we love.

To let those we love,
know the way we feel.
Not fear to speak or act,
to show our love to them.
Thank you for the lesson taught,
in your love for us.
© Presbypoet, January 19, 2002
to A. died 1-18-02,
I miss you.

Who do you need to show your love to?
Are you afraid?


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