Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Are You Ready

Are you ready,
when Master knocks?
Does your lamp burn?
Will you throw open,
the door & rejoice?
Glad your Master,
has come.
Are you ready?

Don’t just hang on,
hoping without hope.
Waiting listless,
& limp.
Be alert.
Be on guard.
Ready to do,
My will.

My servant,
I call you,
Be ready,
alert to My will.
In darkness,
in death,
have faith,
the light comes.

When nothing goes right,
all seems lost,
evil has overwhelmed.
Be not afraid.
Be ready to,
throw open the door.
Ready to great Me &
eat My feast.
(Luke 12: 32-48)
© Presbypoet, August 12, 2001

Are you ready? - Presbypoet January 18, 2004


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