Friday, January 21, 2005

Remain In Me

Abide in Me.
Be at peace.
This is My hope
I want to share.

Let Me remain
within you.
Invite Me in
to live with you.

Become intimate
and know Me.
Take Me within
in body and blood.

Relax and be
truly at peace.
Like a dog lying
at his master's feet.

Let the Spirit come
and fall upon you.
Let joy fill you
to overflowing.

Let all who see you
see Me within.
Full of Holy Spirit
share Me with others.
Inspired by Mark R. January 16, 2005
© Presbypoet, January 16, 2005

Will you let His joy fill you
to overflowing?
Do others see Him when they see you?
Presbypoet 1-21-05


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