Wednesday, February 09, 2005


You think I am Allah.
You don’t understand.
You don’t know Me.
Know Jesus to know Me.

I came –
Fully God.
Fully man.
To suffer and die for you.

"Jesus" was/is not
some new age guru
or simply a Buddha
seeking enlightenment.

The devil is real.
Evil has a face.
He seeks to deceive
with words that sound nice.

He offers a gospel
of tolerance and spirituality.
Just seek your own truth.
Believe in anything you want.

Don’t be deceived.
I am not mocked.
Know the truth.
Know Me.
©Presbypoet, November 16, 2003, heard at 7AM
Do you know Him?
If you don't why not?
Who is He?
Do you know the Truth?
He will set you free.


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