Thursday, September 06, 2012

On being a prophet

To be a prophet isn't just about making statements about the future. It more importantly is speaking God's words. For me, the gift God gives is to speak His words. I say that all i do is take dictation.

The most important part of prayer is listening. When you listen, and hear God, and share what you have heard, this then is prophecy. It isn't just taking the Bible and putting it in your own words, and claiming you speak God's word. It isn't being a puppet. 

It is misunderstood because we think the only prophecy is some kind of future foretelling. The best kind of prophecy is one that doesn't happen. Look at Jonah, he tells his enemy that he will be smashed by God. It doesn't happen. They repent. Jonah gets mad at God for His mercy.

Yet there are promises, like God's to Abram. Which Abram proceeded to totally mess up. Or to Elijah, "a widow with nothing will take care of you". What is interesting about both these prophecies are that they involve the person in a trust relationship. It is a partnership with God, having sons, being fed. 

When we listen, even when we hear God we can misunderstand. We may see a vision, and start to worship the vision, not the one who gave it. We can get stuck on the timing, sure God has told us what to do, we miss the important part of when. Waiting on the Lord can be the hardest part of obedience.

Prophecy is dangerous. How do you know someone else has actually heard from God? My tendency is to be suspicious of anyone who claims to hear from God. Including me! Today's poem is on that theme.

Three words God gave me "Fearless, joyful, obedience." Prophecy? Or prophecy!
These are some thoughts about this dangerous gift of prophecy.  

Who I am

A poet
who doesn't
trust poets.

A prophet
who doesn't
trust prophets.

A skeptic
who knows
God speaks.
© Presbypoet 2012


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