Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm back

After a several month struggle with a computer infested with a virus that required scrubbing it to the bare walls, have finally managed to get the various parts to work, and am back with poetry and commentary.

Went to Presbytery meeting.

This meeting was remarkable mostly for what wasn't discussed. The room's elephant, is a Minneapolis conference in early January to start what may be a new denomination, the ECO. (Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians). Despite the fact our Executive Presbyter signed a letter to try to discourage congregations from leaving, no note of this potentially major event was made during Presbytery. It was as if an loyalist political body in late July 1776 met, and seemed to not notice that Declaration of Independence thing. Although if you had eyes to see, and ears to hear, a faint ripple could be seen or heard. The worship sermon theme was “Unity”. As though the speaker had been asked to address the matter without mentioning it. That “unity was a good thing” It was time for “unity”.

This is one of the major problems facing people going to Presbytery; what is not said is often more important than what is said. It is often hard to hear and understand the sound of silence.

The Justice folk spoke at length. They had a table at lunch where they sought political Petition signatures to kill the death penalty in California. Since they and their allies have made sure that executions are drawn out as long as possible, they claim this is a money saving effort. Since they view the death penalty as cruel, I understand their passion, but wonder if keeping someone alive for 60 years with no hope of leaving a prison isn't much more cruel to both criminal and the victim's family. “We will let you live, but not live.”

Just another example of how the denomination is used to push a specific political agenda. It assumes a christian is a pacifist, who opposes gun ownership, opposes the military and is pretty sure you can't be a Christian in the military, thinks peace will break out in the middle east if Israel just gets out of the way, and supports "Social Justice".

Despite the problems we face, I enjoy attending Presbytery. While I may not agree, it is important to go. As my daughter said when asked why she flew back home to vote. “I wanted to make sure my voice was heard”, That is why we need to go, otherwise silence can be seen as consent, and evil be done in our name without our presence.

Yet as a reminder that when we feel the most offended, this poem should be required reading:


As Paul & Barnabas,
split over John Mark,
You let hurts fester.
You let petty feuds divide.

You lose the chance to heal.
You lose connection.
You lose blessing.
My body is broken by you.

Like Jacob & Esau,
you miss your brother’s love.
You lose the years,
in fear & bitterness.

Reach out in love,
to the one you fear.
Reach out & hear,
how he hears My voice.

Come to Me together,
embrace, forgive.
Share My love together,
in My communion feast.
(Gen. 32: 3-23)
Inspired by David R 1-26-02
© Presbypoet 1-26-02

This is true unity. Not just pretending everything is fine if we ignore the elephant.

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