Monday, March 23, 2009


We live in a world where hope seems endangered. Banks don't want to lend. The market is crashing. Greed seems endemic. Why should we hope?

There are two kinds of hope. The one we inflict on others is the wishful thinking kind of hope. "I hope you will be OK." No promises, no grasp of real danger, just whistling past the graveyard.

What we need is the other. Best expressed by this:


Real hope.
Not anemic
pseudo stuff
we’d settle for.
Real hope
foundation sure
when waves
crash against the rock.

Spirit comes
to fill us.
angel unexpected
we see.
When we have
no needs
we need
no hope.

It’s found in wilderness
parched desert
in rod poised high
to strike the rock.
In suffering
pain & uncertainty
listen to hidden wings
icon of invisible strength.
(Exodus 17:5-7)
© Presbypoet February 11, 2001

Gift of Hope

Give the world the greatest gift.
Not of money but of hope.
Gift of joy- the knowledge
I have come to save those
trapped in swamp of despair.
Trapped by sin and guilt.

Offer gift of hope.
Like Peter at the temple
who told the beggar:
Silver and gold have I none.
Instead I offer healing.
Gift of hope.
(Acts 3:1-10)
© Presbypoet, November 4, 2001

May you be blessed with true hope this dark day.


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I love your poems :)


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