Monday, March 05, 2007

Piety & Purity.

It looks like Blogger 2 now works. I guess this was another pop quiz I failed on patience.

I've found truth is often, (always?) found in paradox. We get in trouble when we focus on half a paradox. One such are; piety and purity. One focuses on spirituality. The other on following rules (creeds). The sisters Mary & Martha were one such couple. Mary happy to sit at Jesus feet, unconcerned about helping her sister. While Martha in the kitchen, gets madder by the moment, because Mary is just sprawled at Jesus feet doing nothing useful.

This message from God reminds us we somehow must do both. Not just the one we like, but the other we try to ignore.

Piety & Purity

I demand both
piety and purity.
Not mere acquiescence
to some written creed.

Not wild passion
unconnected to wisdom
but passion deep
rooted in (My) holy soil.

Knowing Me truly.
Secure in My presence.
With both intellect
and wild passion.

© Presbypoet, March 1, 2007

Lots of poems to post. Several inspired by a Steve Fry conference coming soon.


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