Saturday, February 03, 2007


Life has been tough. The following poem/prayer sums up my God relationship.

Help me Father

In deep pain
ache beyond enduring
please help me Lord.

Lord I lack strength.
Like the paralytic to
even reach out to you.

Like Peter walking thru
waves my power too
weak to succeed.

Life seems so overwhelming.
Waves of danger
obscure your face.

Lord come to me.
Be present here.
It's too much to endure.

I trust you will heal.
Fill me Lord with
your glorious strength.

In this time of trial
I embrace your hope
& invite you into my heart.

I know you will provide.
I rejoice knowing you
are present with me.

Thank you Lord for
this joyful hope.
I love you Lord.

© Presbypoet December 10, 2006

Yet walking this dark valley, I have true hope. I live both the 22nd and 23 psalms.


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