Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Judas

Sometime between the time he betrayed Jesus, and before Jesus rose from the dead, Judas killed himself. The poem, written from his perspective, and posted April 13th, gives what I think are some very good reasons why he killed himself. The following uses the previous poem.

Yesterday, at 2AM, the following came to me. Anyone who wants to use it for an Easter Altar call, is welcome to it. I offered to read it at our Easter service.

Easter Altar Call

God asked me
to offer a choice
to you this Easter.

A choice of life or death.

A life of Joy.
A life of Hope.
A life full of Grace.

Or death alone.
A death of painful
eternal anguish.

That joyful Easter morning
a man went off to seek death.
He chose death -

Judas was his name.
He headed to the
potters field - alone.

In anguish death seemed
the only answer.
Death would ease the pain.

(Read I Judas)

Today I offer
you a choice.
Will you choose life?

Will you accept the
gift of a Joyful life
offered by Jesus?

Will you invite Him in?
If anyone wants a
life of Joy step forward.

I will pray with you
and invite you to
a life of Joy.

I know the choices.
My son thought death
the only release from his pain.

I know true hope.
Hope in midst of despair.
Rejoicing when all seems bleak.

Let me offer you Hope.
Let me offer you a life
of purpose and fulfillment.

Let me offer you Jesus.
The cross and
empty tomb.

For you who would note we do not know if or when Judas actually killed himself, you are correct. Think of this as a myth that contrasts our choices. Eternal life, or death. By placing them at the same time, the choice stands out in sharp relief. A choice we each must make. A choice of life or death. How will/did you choose?


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