Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Narrow Way

Sometimes I think we get the wrong ideas from Christmas and the baby. Like we think Jesus is this cute baby, cuddly, come to make everything right, make everything easy. Instead, this baby has teeth.

I have a friend with a new baby. Teething. Those teeth are sharp. Jesus in coming comes with an agenda. We are called to a purpose. Not to just have Him do what we want, but rather that He sends us to impossible places. Then demands we trust Him.

That is more the message of Christmas. "I have come, so you may have life. Life abundant". But a life spent in hard places. Things demanded, impossible to do on our own. Like the disciples left behind when Jesus ascends the mount of transfiguration. Sent to do more than we know is possible.

This Christmas, know the baby comes. He comes to send you to some very hard places. Places you can go only when you walk with Him. A strange Christmas message. Perhaps the real one. An invitation to the narrow way. Here is a poem about The Way He invites us to walk.

Walking the Narrow Impossible Path

Danger from any misstep.
This path like walking the ridge
leading to Mt. Everest
a slip each way leads to death.

You demand I walk
this treacherous path.
You do not force me
yet I must obey You.

You call to me. “Relax.
Trust Me. Be not afraid.”
I look down.
I do not see you.

Terror seeks to seize my soul.
Terror seeks to freeze my will.
Terror seeks to keep me from you.
Terror seeks to keep me prisoner.

Like Peter on the water
I take my eyes from you.
Disaster strikes, I start to slip.
I cannot do this on my own.

You reach out your hand to me.
I cannot see you, but I trust you.
We walk this impossible path together.
I relax and give myself to you.

© Presbypoet, 1999, revised January 18, 2004

Merry Christmas. Welcome to The Narrow Way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your site today and liked what you had to say. I just started a Web ring for Presbyterians and I thought that you might be interested in joining. If you have a minute check it out.


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