Thursday, December 01, 2005

How To Be A Christian

This question is answered by a poem shorter than the title.

How to live as a Christian

Be silent
© Presbypoet, March 2002

It is simple. Just follow these instructions. Only 25 letters contain all you need to know.


Blogger MT in Tehran said...

I am a seeker looking for God and his purpose in my life. I am bored of my mundane daily prayers and don't know how to infuse life into it. I am keen to understand the ways the Lord works in other people's lives and how do we curb the passions that draw and repent for those indulged in. Hope to get some answers.

Blogger PresbyPoet said...

Some questions for you:
Do you include listening to God, as part of your praying?

Who do you address your prayers to? (In who's name do you pray?) Do you speak to God directly, or to an intermidiary?

Do you know God loves you?

Why is prayer boring? Are you doing it out of duty?

Do you believe God answers prayer, or is He too distant to care?

Do you want an intimate relationship with God?

What do you know about God?

I'll post these questions on your blog in case you don't return here.


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