Monday, November 28, 2005

Advent Myth

We mark the start of this season.
Is it for shopping?
Is it to mark some birth 2,000 years ago?
What is important about Christmas?
Are we paying attention?
Are you paying attention?
Does it matter?
Is it important?

This poem explains why.

A most astonishing myth
Let me tell you
a most amazing story.
The most astonishing myth.
A myth of awesome power.

That God so loved us
He was born as man.
Born as simple baby
all bloody and messy.

Such astonishing story.
Such amazing myth.
Foundation of life’s meaning
that God so loved you and me.

Love so amazing.
He was born as a baby.
Born to give us life
and free us from sin’s bondage.
© Presbypoet, December 25, 2003

Do you understand this myth?
Do you believe this myth is true?

Be still and listen.
Hear the Angel choirs.
Let Joy fill you.


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