Saturday, November 19, 2005

Finding Joy in the Midst of Suffering

In this time of pain, a time that seems so hard, God reminds us what the truth is, in suffering find joy. The greatest secret in the world. Joy is offered in the midst of suffering.

This poem expresses a faint glimpse of what we are offered.
In Your Suffering find Joy

I offer gift –
Gift of trial.
Sending you to
valley of the shadow
of death.

You think suffering evil.
You ask for release
from pain.
Escape from Life’s
You don’t trust Me
in your wilderness.

See Me in your suffering.
Feel Me in your suffering.
Know Me in your suffering.
Understand My plan.
Know How I came
to suffer for you.
Know I came
to die for you.

In your suffering
be transformed.
A grain of wheat must die.
Must die to produce life.
In your suffering
find joy.
Learn to trust Me
in your suffering.
(John 12:23-27)
© Presbypoet, September 8, 2002

Do you understand?


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