Sunday, November 13, 2005


Here in California, the weather still is nice. Yet there are signs of winter. My life has been filled with thoughts of death & pain, with my father recovering from his broken back, my son still thinking of suicide, and my wife with a painful back. We all will die. So why should we rejoice?

This poem from God about November may answer that question.

Days shorten.
Sun sinks low.
Hope fades.
Trees abandon life.
Winter’s death strides.
Life’s little deaths
remind you
of your end.

In your gloomy
Will you trust Me?
Will you hear Me?
Will your actions
show you trust Me?
Will your actions
show you hear Me?

Know I walk
close beside.
As winter’s
gloom looms.
Know I’m God
of the living.
Reach out.
Take My hand.

Sacrifice all.
Live in integrity.
Remain true.
Do you really believe?
Act on My plan.
Be not afraid.
Rejoice as winter’s shadow
gently brushes.
2 Timothy 4: 1-9
© Presbypoet, November 18, 2001

I have been reaching out quite frequently lately. I need His strength.


Blogger RickinVa said...

Prayin' for ya PP...

Pray for me...


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