Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hear Me in the Other's voice

As I prepare to attempt to explain, and criticize the report from the Peace Unity and Purity Task Force of the PCUSA, it came, that the other, the one I disagree with, may be the one to teach me. This exercise in humility, is necessary. This poem came in 2003, I try to remember it. I am not perfect. Here is the poem.

Hear Me in the Other’s Voice
You want the heretic
to admit he’s wrong.
You want the fundamentalist
to admit he’s wrong.
You want everyone
to agree with you.
You are so sure
you know the truth.

In your religious battles
learn to hear Me
with the ears of the other.
See Me in the eyes of the other.
The more certain you are
of My truth
the greater danger
you’ll become Pharisee.

Is your faith so fragile
you fear to hear the other?
Is your faith so weak
you fear to examine it?
Don’t be afraid to hear Me
in the other’s voice.
Don’t be afraid to see Me
through the eyes of the other.
© Presbypoet, July 17th, 2003


Blogger Renee Wagemans said...

thank you. this is so beautiful. and true. who swid that it would not take courage to follow God for who he is??


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