Saturday, November 05, 2005

Prayer Request For Soldier going to Iraq

Pray for Rebecca.

She is going to Iraq. She is an only daughter. Her mother understands. She not only wants to go, but sees it as her duty.

Our duty is to pray for her. Well, pray for both of them. Protection for Rebecca, and peace for her mother.

As a veteran, who served during Vietnam, it is important that we serve. We live in a country that is free only because men, and now women are willing to put their lives on the line for us. Many of them died, so we may live.

A Prayer for Rebecca
We live in freedom.
Blessed with much.
Lord, may we remember
Rebecca and her comrades.

They go for us.
We bless their names.
Those we know and
those unknown.
(c) Presbypoet 11-05-05
Thank you Rebecca, for your service.

November 11th is a holiday. Do you remember why?

On that day remember all who served to keep our country alive.


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