Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Anne Rice has a Jesus Book

I see bookworm has noted Anne Rice (The vampire lady) has become a Christian and written a "Christian" novel about Jesus. You can read more at her blog here. http://bookwormroom.blogspot.com/2005/10/there-are-no-atheists-in-foxholes.
I'm not into vampires, but I have read some of Rice's books. The big question is; does she think being a Christian, she has to write "nice". You ought to be able to hear real truth from us Christians. We should be willing to admit there is both great evil and pain, and great hope and joy. I've gone to some "Christian" writers conferences, and had people say that my writing isn't Christian enough. Apparently "Christian" writers have to write about people who don't swear, never have any troubles that Jesus can't solve easily, and can't have any doubts.
It is easy to write about evil and pain, everyone knows them. Writing "my" poems, writing of:
pain, persecution, suffering, sorrow, evil, oppression, hopelessness, depression, death, doubt and fear is easy. I have a page with all the synonyms. I know them too well. From reading Rice, she had a good fix on horror, hope was a little lacking.
It is hard to write about true joy. Joy that knows pain. Joy that offers true hope, not the saccharine substitute that whines; "I hope you'll be OK.", with no real evidence to offer, as opposed to real rock solid faith, that knows. It is hard is to write the truth of real hope, joy, peace, compassion, faith, love, wisdom, courage and truly knowing God. Those words come hard. I've come to know each of those words contains so much more than I can ever hope to understand, let alone find words to express, all I can say is:
"Lord, I am not worthy." Yet, this is the greatest gift to offer, to somehow show a tiny part of God's magnificent Joy & Peace. How He loved us so much, He came to truly suffer and die for me & you. To offer real hope.
The greatness of Tolkien and Lewis is rooted in their reality. Not, "They lived happily ever-after.", but, in the midst of evil's apparent triumph, there is hope. Real hope. Not an easy road, but a narrow road that leads to life. I wonder if Rice will stay connected to the horror, the reality of life, and be able to add the joy of knowing Jesus? This is my "hope" for Rice. That she not fear to write the truth. To show us true joy in midst of suffering. May she truly show us Jesus. May she truly show us life. I've reserved a copy from my local library, (no buying any more new books, until we sell a few of the thousands we already have).


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