Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hope 2

We live in a world where often the more we know, the less hope there is. We see danger. We see the awful possiblities. WMD, atomic bombs set lose in American Cities. Economic disaster. Losing the cultural war. I see more clearly than most all the possible disasters. Looking at the past hurricane season, we should give thanks. With the mistakes made, had things turned out slightly differently, more than 100,000 could lie dead from this not unexpected season. So I give thanks that so many were spared.

Hope is a strange thing. For one thing, there are two kinds of hope. The first is the wimpy hope, kind of a I see disaster looming, "I hope you will be OK". A "hope" that promises nothing, just a close your eyes and wish it would all go away. A "hope" built on sand, easily washed away with the first blast of the storm. The second type is stronger. It doesn't promise sucess, but promises it is possible. This is the voice heard by one trapped in a gloomy swamp, up to their ears in alligators, that promises:
"It is possible to get out." When the sharp retort asks; "How do you know?". It clearly promises; "Because I was where you are, and there is a way out." That is true hope. The thing with multi-colored feathers, seen in the dead of winter, a vision of the possible. Not a promise that it will be easy. No guarantee of sucess. Simply that it is possible, be of good cheer. Elisha's servant, who saw the enemy army all around, lost hope. He didn't see God's angel army all around (2nd Kings 6:17) When Elisha prayed, he was given eyes to see.

This poem is simply titled "Hope". The real kind.


Real hope.
Not anemic
pseudo stuff
we’d settle for.
Real hope
foundation sure
when waves
crash against the rock.

Spirit comes
to fill us.
angel unexpected
we see.
When we have
no needs
we need
no hope.

It’s found in wilderness
parched desert
in rod poised high
to strike the rock.
In suffering
pain & uncertainty
listen to hidden wings
icon of invisible strength.
(Exodus 17:5-7)
© Presbypoet, February 11, 2001

I've known hope for a long time.
I've needed it.


Anonymous Leslie said...

The second type is stronger. It doesn't promise sucess, but promises it is possible.

It changes everything to know that God is at the helm doesn't it? I'm always amazed at how a little breath of hope can fill me with energy, even though my circumstances may not have changed.

May God fill you with his peace in the days ahead.

Blogger PresbyPoet said...

He does.
He has.


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