Monday, October 03, 2005

Thoughts on Judas

Why did Jesus allow Judas to betray him? Since Jesus knew, why permit Judas to do something Jesus clearly knew?

What if Judas had gone to the tomb? What if Judas had come to know he was forgiven? Would this not be such an extraordinary sign of God's amazing, wonderful, overflowing forgiveness. It would have been such a magnificent moment. A moment of such amazing grace, a prodigal son moment.

Every time I think of that, I am taken back to a strange "Sunday" morning in an occupied territory, where God intervened in human affairs. I know why Judas killed himself. The pain was too great. He had thought he knew, yet like all of us, he tried to act in his own strength.

There is no one God cannot forgive. Yet there is free will. Judas did choose. So did Peter. The only difference is Peter had the opportunity to learn he was forgiven. That is why we have "John's" extra chapter.

That is "all" evangelism is, helping people learn they are forgiven.

My reason for thinking Judas' sin is the "worst" possible, is that he killed God. Hard to come up with a worse sin.
What are your thoughts on Judas?

Why did Jesus allow Judas to betray?

What follows is a Poem from Judas, written as he prepares to die.

I Judas
Take back your silver
I betrayed him.

I was wrong
He was Messiah, I thought.

Come to rescue
from Pagan Romans.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Guilt Gnaws
Acid corrodes….Inside.

I thought I knew him
I heard his message.

I saw him heal
I felt his grace.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Nailed to his cross
Nails driven so deep.

I couldn’t bear to watch
Goodness hung on a tree.

Arms outstretched
Dying between two thieves.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Wound so deep
So final.

No penance possible.
I choose DEATH.

Death the only payment
for my sin

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Death, payment for sin
Both our destinies.

But for me
The potter’s field.

For Him
The empty tomb.

I didn’t know Him.

©Presbypoet, April 22, 2000


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