Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Message From God

In your trials you search for Me.
You seek subtle signs of my will.
As though I was some idol
who answers thru rotting entrails.

When will you learn to trust Me?
Be not afraid, know I will provide.
Remember Elijah headed for Zarephath.
The woman awaited with her jar of oil.

I note the sparrow's fall.
Are you not of more value?
You keep trying to provide
for yourself and not rely on Me.

Come to Me in your poverty.
Come to Me naked.
Let Me wrap you
in My purple robe.

(1st Kings 17:7-12)
© Presbypoet, May 7, 2005

I love the story of Elijah at Zarephath. He has run out of food and water, and God sends him to this little town. Elijah has been told by God to look for this woman he has never met, and tell her to bake him a cake. All this woman has is enough oil and flour for one last meal. Talk about relying on God.

What would you do if you were down to your last meal, and some wild eyed guy knocks on your door, and says God sent him? Would you trust him? How do you know it's God you hear? How do we learn to trust Him? How do we develop faith?

If you are interested in answers; many of these poems are about;
learning to trust God.
Learning He loves you.
Learning He will provide.
Learning He wants to use you.
Getting to know Him.

Now if I can just learn how to live these poems.
Discernment is easy, its obedience that is hard.
I think that's why they call it "The Way".


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