Saturday, September 10, 2005

Suffering, God's Gift

I offer gift to you
suffering, pain & woe.
All stronger than you
can stand or endure.

Will you trust Me
when I offer this gift?
Will you still follow
as you bear your cross.

Cross too heavy
to carry on your own.
Will you join martyrs
ready to die for Me?

In midst of senseless death.
Death of innocents
death unexplained
pain to no purpose.

Will you seek My purpose?
Will you follow Me?
Will you drink My cup
offered James & John?

Will you find joy
in midst of suffering?
Feel My love
in midst of tears?

© 1: 15 PM, September 11, 2001, still in shock at unknown, awful, pain and loss.

Loss that served no good purpose, yet death planned by unknown killers.

Lord, help us see you in this pain.

Help us see you in such awful death.

Help us say, forgive them, they know not what they do.

September 10,2005
Soon it will be four years since that day. Today we are suffering again, loss almost beyond comprehension, wondering again if we can find someone to blame to make it go away. Pain too intense to endure.

God still asks the simple questions:
Will you find joy in midst of suffering?
Feel my love in midst of tears?

This isn't easy. It doesn't get easier. It gets harder.
Do you know about the cup offered James & John? Do you understand?
Can you drink from it? Are you willing to drink it to the dregs?

What is your answer?

May you find joy in the midst of your suffering.


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