Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Crowd Demands an Answer

We sat in the temple court
listening to the teacher.
His words so hard to understand.
He demands marriage requirements
much harder than Moses’ commands.
Looking with lust the same as adultery?
His words hurt to think about.
His words trouble the soul.

How can he expect anyone
to follow his demands?
Where does he imagine
He will find anyone capable?
We sit there listening
to His teaching.
Sitting there puzzled.
Not understanding.

Suddenly voices interrupt.
A group of Pharisees leads in
a half naked women.
What a strange sight is this
intrusion into the temple court.
They escort her to us.
She stands before the teacher.
He sits in silent judgement.

They tell him she was caught in adultery.
They ask for his guidance.
"Moses told us to stone such"
What would you have us do?"
He doesn’t seem to answer.
Is this question too hard?
Have they finally stumped Him?
What will He say?
(John 8:2-11)
© Presbypoet, March 27, 2004
(one of the woman taken in adultery series)
Can you imagine what it would be like to have lived in Jerusalem when Jesus taught there?
Why do you think he drew such crowds? Was it his message? Was it his healing?
Was he entertainment? Their version of the tonight show? Would you have come curious, wondering what was going to happen?
If you had been in that crowd on the day they brought the woman into the temple court, what would you have thought?
Would you have been offended? Would you have been scared? Would you have picked up a stone, anticipating some "fun"?
What would you have done? How would you have thought he was going to answer?
Do you want to meet Jesus?
Do you want to be healed?
Do you want to be forgiven?


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