Sunday, September 04, 2005

What She Sees While Waiting for Death

I saw the man sent
to seduce me.
He shiftily stands
trying to look
like he’s just one
of the boys.
He tries to pretend
he is without sin.

He refuses to look
in my eyes.
Afraid his guilt
he will see.
When I am dead
my face smashed to bits
he won’t have to see
his guilt in my eyes.
(John 8:2-11)
© Presbypoet, March 18, 2004
(One of the Woman Taken in Adultery poems)
We try to pretend we aren’t guilty. If we can find someone to blame, we don't have to worry.
As she stands, facing death, she sees the one just as guilty as her, pretending to be blameless.
As he stood there, surely holding a rock, like the others, it would have been impossible for him to look at her.
If he did, he would have to face his own guilt.

We use others all the time. Perhaps not quite as directly, nor as lethally as he used her, but we, like him, try to pretend we are innocent. We may even pick up a rock, so we don't stand out, and throw stones.
Is there someone you are afraid to look in their eyes? Are you pretending they are the only guilty one?
Are you willing to accept forgiveness? Are you willing to ask for forgiveness?
Who do you see?
Is it someone who has betrayed you?
Who stands in the crowd, pretending he is innocent.
Do you know Jesus is here?
Do you know you are not alone?

This is one of a series of poems written from different perspectives about a woman brought to Jesus. She has been accused of adultery, and those who brought her stand ready to stone her. They ask Jesus what they should do. This poem is from her perspective, as she looks out, and sees the one who betrayed her.
Presbypoet, September 3, 2005


Blogger anybudee said...

Interesting take, a set-up. Maybe. Might explain Mike Warnke's "where's the dude?"

I imagine her fully guilty, maybe even a prostitute, so that the mercy is more stark. But this works.


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