Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Prayer for my Son

All I can do is listen
and hear his pain.
Nothing I offer helps.
I cannot promise healing.

His valley of depression
choked full of fear.
Death seems only choice.
Chains of hopelessness bind.

He claims not to know you
or want to hear your name.
How can I pray for healing
if he doesn't believe in you?

In your pain I am with you.
Have faith and trust Me.
As you walk into this latest
valley of the shadow.

I don't promise escape from pain.
I don't promise it will be easy.
To Peter I said "come".
Step out in faith and trust in Me.

I am with you and sent you here
to be a blessing to your beloved son.
I send you through this pain
to draw you close to Me.

Offer a gift of hope to your son
in his hour of greatest need
in his depths of despair and grief.
Show him Me and offer hope.

I will provide.
I am here.
I love you both.
Ask for healing.

I rejoice fully
knowing you are present.
I reach out to you
as I enter this vale of tears.

I pray to loose the bonds
of fear and depression.
that imprison my son.
I know that you will heal.
Presbypoet, August 17, 2005

A prayer of hope walking into the valley of the shadow, and God's response.


Blogger RickinVa said...

Prayin' for your son...

And for you...


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