Friday, August 12, 2005


You dismember words

like you dismember babies.

You say it’s merely

instrumental disarticulation.

You use words to deceive.

Your evil intent cloaked

with words selected to

obscure the truth.

You call killing babies

a medical procedure

you kill claiming

to save lives.

You disarticulate words.

Leaving them bleeding

and dying – empty

of life and meaning.

You call an unborn baby

only useless parasite

unwelcome intrusion

to be discarded.

Stop using euphemisms

so we can learn the truth.

Start telling the truth

about what you do.

© Presbypoet, April 24, 2004

I just read a book by Robert McAfee Brown,"Saying Yes and Saying No", where he wrote of training Presbyterian ministers to say the right things to get approved by Presbytery. The "truth", yet not what they believed. Words used to deceive. How can we understand each other if we only try to convince, rather than help each other hear the truth?
Presbypoet August 12, 2005


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