Friday, August 19, 2005


You call My story


you think you can


Yet myth contains

more truth

than simple facts can ever


The truth of if I am Son

of God

is not found in fact of

virgin birth.

The truth of

original sin

is never spoken by

real snake.

If you fall into facts

seductive trap

you miss myth’s

deeper meaning.

Listen for the

parabolic truth

oft found in

paradoxical myth.

© Presbypoet, September 3, 2003

How much of the Bible don't you understand, because you don't understand the myth?
Do you only see what it says, and don't understand what it says?

Not just knowing the story of Abraham and his son, but knowing why God demanded the sacrifice.
Not just knowing the story of Judas and his betrayal, but why Jesus allowed Judas to betray Him.
Not just knowing the story of Jesus and his death, but why He died.

What are some other myths?
Do you know them?

Update August 21
One of the most interesting verses in the bible is Genesis 7:11, where the fountains of the great deep burst forth. If this is the flooding of the Black Sea, it is an amazingly accurate picture of what it must have looked like to someone down in that valley, looking up, and seeing what looked like Niagara Falls cascading from what just a day before had been a solid cliff 600 feet above.

This image was then transmitted thousands of years orally, before it was written down. Until I learned about the flooding of the Black Sea, i just put it down to a vivid imagination, like the statement it had not rained before, in 2:5.

Writing these poems, some from me, and some from God, has shown me how God uses us, broken pottery to create beautiful poetry and lives lived out for others.

Love so amazing, that God came and suffered and died for me. The poem posted February 15th is about Jesus temptation to just skip the suffering.


Blogger Rick said...

Great post!

I would be interested in learning how being an Evangelical in the PCUSA works for you. :)

I attended a PCUSA semianry and found that many of my evangelical friends were miserable at first, but once they knew where the profs were coming from they begin to appreciate what you posted about myth.

Nice to have found your blog.

Blogger PresbyPoet said...

I've been a Presbyterian for all my life, born again at age four. I've been being refined by God for his purposes. He still has a long way to go. Yet I know he loves prodigals. The poetry is a gift from God, this blog is a place to share it.

The theology of the PCUSA is orthodox. The only problem is that like the other main line churches the leadership has been stolen by liberals. We are in a battle for the soul of the denomination. It doesn't look good at the moment, there is much to be sorrowful for, yet I have hope. As an elder, presbyterians are the denomination that on the surface actually takes laymen seriously.

Are you familiar with the confessing church movement in the PCUSA?

How did you find the blog?

Blogger anybudee said...


Your stuff is always interesting. But I need to get your working definition of the term 'myth', before I can comment about your ideas here.

I think I know what I mean by the term, but I can't assume that what I think I know is what you mean. (or whatever Nixon said in his famous quote)

Blogger PresbyPoet said...

A short definition; myth is the truth contained within the facts. If you get stuck arguing about if Abram actually went up the hill, you miss the most important point. In this case, that God demands we consider Him more important than anything. For each of us, we must take our Isaac up to Mt. Moriah, and be willing to sacrifice.

In my case, He asks/tells/demands: If you want to keep your books, you must be willing to give them up(We have about 5,000). It is another of the paradoxes. To save your life you must be willing to give it up. To live you must die. I must give up my books in order to keep them. Simple.


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