Friday, September 02, 2005

Her Resurrection (part one)

The Rabbi sits in front of me.
His eyes pierce my soul.
I wait for hell
held by my accusers.

Stones ready to smash.
Death lurks nearby.
He sees my sin deserves death.
He knows I’m guilty.

My body sold so I can live.
Men’s weakness used to tempt them.
My feminine wiles seduce them
and give them what they want.

Lust for my body
is familiar sight
in my "lovers" eyes.
Never do I see love for me.

In His eyes is something different.
I see He cares for me.
Tenderly His eyes caress my soul.
I see He loves me.

I feel at peace.
He offers hope.
He offers life to me
in midst of dark despair.
(John 8:2-11)
© Presbypoet, March 18, 2004
(One of a series of poems about the Woman Taken in Adultery)

This poem takes place on a dusty street in the First Century. Religious leaders have brought a woman they "caught" in adultery before Jesus to try and trick him.
This poem is spoken from the perspective of the woman, as she stands before Jesus, knowing she is about to be killed in the most terrible way, death by stoning.

It is a poem about both grace and love. A hint of just how much Jesus loves us. (My feeble words are utterly incapable of expressing the awesome nature of Jesus love for us). The tender way his eyes caress our souls.

It is a poem of hope. Yet hope with no promise of escape from a death sentence. Why is there hope? How is it possible?

Have you ever felt hopeless like her?
Do you know Jesus loves you?
Do you want His hope?
Do you know he offers hope in the midst of dark despair?
True hope.
Do you know He offers life?
Today we see far too much of the evil men are prone to so awfully exposed, as well as the hope offered by Jesus and those who follow Him.
I offer that hope to all.
Hope. Joy & Love.

May you be filled with joy.


Blogger anybudee said...

I like this one best. It fits my concept of her as a seductress and sinner. No excuses. Those forgiven much, love much.

'hell in their hands'- great image.

Blogger PresbyPoet said...

Actually there are two images, the second is that she is held by her accusers, and she waits for hell. The advantage of poetry, it says more than simple words can say.


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