Thursday, September 08, 2005

Prime Paradox

To know I am unknowable

and know you can know Me.

This is the heart of…

the essence of… Truth.

Not to know of My great love.

But to know My great love for you.

Such great love that gifts you with pain

to burn away all illusion.

To know without question

in the dark night of your soul.

There is pattern in chaos.

There is true hope for you.

In midst of uncertainty.

In the waves of life’s storms

Hear Me and know Me

in the silence of doubt.

© Presbypoet, November 16, 2003 heard at 6:30 AM

This is the simple answer. Do you understand?


Blogger anybudee said...

Gotta love those advertisements! Viva capitalism!

Like that 'be still and know' meme, I seem to be doing more of that the older I get. I think I'm getting more afraid of my words.


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