Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sailing cross Galilee

We sailed
cross Galilee
Toward distant shore
destination unknown.
Jesus in the stern asleep.
Truly asleep
yet aware
of all our weakness.

Storm struck.
Danger loomed.
Disaster threatened.
Death came swiftly.
We in fear
ask Him why
He doesn’t care
if we drown.

He stands
calmly asks:
Why have we
so little faith?
As though
we could do
anything about
crashing storm.

He turns
quietly says shalom.
Waves flatten.
Storm vanishes.
What manner of man
is this?
Even the storms
obey Him.

We in terror
cower in fear.
Prayer answered
not way we sought.
He seems to say
this you can do
if you only
have faith.

How can He
demand that we
do this
impossible thing?
Calm the storm
oh so strong
trained fishermen
quake in terror.

We ask him:
Rescue us
in our fear
& terror.
He demands:
Step out
into the storm
in utter trust & faith.

how can it be
we may do
such things?
We have no power
nor strength.
We can do nothing
on our own.

You ask:
Do you trust Me?
Will you rely
on Me?
Lord we trust.
Give us strength
strength to do
Your will.

Help us trust You
hear Your voice.
Even in
Help us step
into the storm
keeping our eyes
on You.

(Matt.8:23-27,14:22-33,Mark 4:36-4: 40, Luke 8: 15=22
©Presbypoet, July 19, 2001

Like Jesus' disciples, we cry out to God to save us.
He seems to demand of us much more than we think is possible.
He expects us to heal. He expects us to show His love to others.
To calm impossible storms.

Is there a strom in your life? Do you cry out for help?
What is He asking you to do?

It isn't easy, yet His yoke is light.


Blogger anybudee said...

He never seems to get too far away from that trust thing, does He? I think that's the thing we shirk the most. (you're not saying that I don't have faith, are you?!?) Well, He did. And does.


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