Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Call To You

I reveal Myself to you
through the Holy Spirit.
You feel unworthy
unable to do
My command.
You quake in fear.

I’ve stretched you
beyond your own power.
You challenge Me.
“You want me to do what!?”
You explain to Me. “This is impossible!”
“I am not worthy. I am sinful.”

In your humble state I reveal My power.
Like the overwhelming catch of fish
I gave to Peter, James and John.
I ask. Who shall we send?
Will you respond like Isaiah?
Here I am. Send me.

Will you go speak My word
to a world lost in sin?
Will you join Peter and Paul
and become fishers of men?
Listen to Me
in your silence.
(Luke 5:1-11)
inspired by Fr. Ted R., February 8, 2004
©Presbypoet, February 8, 2004

Do you know God is calling to you? Will you answer.
"Here I am. Send me." Will you?

Will you listen?


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