Monday, September 19, 2005

The coming Disaster

As one who lives in an area subject to the other great killer, earthquakes, it is so hard to get people to prepare. So hard for people to understand what they must do.

When it happens, and it will, when one of the big four hits, it will be just has hard to get supplies in, communications will be just as difficult, and if a Republican is President, she will be blamed.

(The big four are Cascadia, an earthquake the size of the Indian Ocean quake along the entire coast of the Pacific Northwest, Salt Lake City, the New Madrid, that will destroy from St. Louis to Memphis, and Los Angeles, either an 8 on the San Andreas which will smash the eastern cities of Riverside & San Berdo, or a 7.5 in downtown L.A.)

People think you can prepare. You can't, all you can do is have your supplies, and prepare mentally. When the world series earthquake hit the bay area, I knew it was bad almost as soon as it started, so I started to move as soon as the shaking stopped. It was interesting to see as I drove along, people just standing in their front yards, not moving, in shock.

Whatever major disaster your area is subject to, you must have thought about it, so when it happens you have prepared your reptile brain to respond.

Water & batteries, the two essentials.

Are you ready?

A short poem on being prepared.

The next crisis

Be ready.
After David slew Goliath
Four stones remained
ready for the Giant’s brothers.

Inspired by Adolpho Moreno (translated by John Bueno)
October 8, 2003 at Coalition Gathering in Portland Ore.
© Presbypoet, October 8, 2003


Anonymous rg said...

I like the point about the 4 stones. Hadn't picked up on that before.


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