Thursday, September 29, 2005

Strange Easter thoughts

So many come to church for what it can give them. They like the nice people. They like the socials. They like someone telling them they are good.

The truth, much sharper. The 25th chapter of Matthew is frightening. If we don't see ourselves standing there naked before God, without excuse, after all the times we failed to do what He wanted, we are fooling ourselves. Yet it is important to include with this all God's love, forgiveness, joy, and not act out of duty like the older brother, who couldn't come to the party.

Here is a strange Easter poem from 2001.

Easter Finery

You come
dressed so fine.
So clean
so neat.
looking so perfect
so fine
trying to impress.

Just who
do you think
to fool?
Man or Me?
You can’t
fool Me.
I see within.
I see your heart.

Black heart
stained by sin.
dying of sin.
You think you
must be perfect.
You must be good
to come to Me.

Come as sinner.
Come broken.
Confess your sin
to be healed.
Don’t lie
claim nothings wrong
as you stand
dressed so fine.

You try to
impress Me.
Nothing you do
on your own
is slightest good.
Nothing you do
on your own
will impress Me.

Admit you’re a thief
on your cross
humbly asking to
be remembered.
Accept My gift
die on My cross
to sin.
Luke 23: 39-43
© Presbypoet, May 15, 2001

What if you heard that preached as an Easter sermon?

We see the surface. We are impressed by the way people look.
God sees within.
What does God see within you?

Do you need to admit you're a thief
on your cross?


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