Friday, September 30, 2005

The End of Hollywood Presbyterian?

This statement was issued by "the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood" Sept. 30, 2005.

"We, the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, met with Rev. Dr. Meenan and Rev. Dr. Manock. We made the very difficult decision that returning the pastors is not in the best interest of the church, or the pastors. Therefore we asked for their resignations.
Our Session has called a Congregational Meeting on October 9th after services in the Sanctuary at 12:30 PM, for the purpose of at which time the A.C. will share it's research findings."

This statement shows the evil in the PCUSA. After a secret process, a predetermined decision by the "A.C.",(Administrative Commission) has been played out. This whole action by the Los Angeles, Presbytery of the Pacific stinks, a stench worthy of hell. Rather than honesty, this entire process has shown the worst of the leadership of the PCUSA. A secret predetermined decision that pretends to follow the BOO. This is just one more decision that shows the morally corrupt state of the PCUSA.

There has been manipulation of process to create a predetermined result. Supposedly the session voted to kick out the pastors, but a stacked deck was dealt. A small group of Hollywood Presbyterian members went to the Presbytery Committee on Ministry, to complain. Without providing the ministers and session a chance to respond, the Presbytery Committee on Ministry ordered the ministers to resign. When they refused, the committee on ministry went to the full Presbytery to have them removed. When the full Presbytery voted not to remove, but to establish an Administrative Commission to work for reconciliation; just after the presbytery meeting, at midnight, a lawyer for the "commission" ordered the ministers to clean out their offices and have no contact with anyone from the church. Clearly the commission had no authority to meet, or make any decisions until after the presbytery meeting. To have already retained a lawyer, and prepared any documents is clear evidence of a pre-determined result.

Since then, additional questionable actions have taken place. Evidence that the commission was not working for reconciliation, but simply to go through the motions in order to produce the desired result of removal of the ministers is shown by statements from elders who have resigned in protest of the commission's actions.

There has been a clear failure to follow the Book of Order. The clerk of the Presbytery, and Synod refused to accept an appeal of the actions of the commission, and the Presbytery delayed giving a list of those attending a presbytery meeting.

This is decision making in secret. This is the evil action of a dictatorship. Two wonderful men's lives are being destroyed. I suspect the PCUSA will lose two passionate pastors, men who have preached the Word. Their betrayers must know God is not mocked. They may think they have won. The devil thought he won on Golgatha, when our savior died. Remember what happened to Judas.

If the two pastors were so evil, why no trial? Why no evidence? If they have done wrong, why not reveal it in public. What this looks like is character assassination of the worst kind. A whispering campaign to discredit. A "meeting" of the session and pastors to make it look like it was the sessions' decision, and not a carefully orchestrated farce. Presbytery is the one that makes decisions about pastors. Not sessions. This "vote", is only a whitewashed tomb.

When I asked the moderator about Hollywood last Tuesday, he claimed not to know anything. He did go on at length trying to justify his Torrance "visit". Either he LIED, or a process that will cost Hollywood Presbyterian thousands of members hasn't been important enough to bother with. Neither alternative is acceptable. For a moderator who claims to care, this shows a callous disregard for the pain of the sheep in Hollywood's flock, who have been thrown to the wolves.

There is a war in the PCUSA. It has been a silent one, where forces of death who run this denomination, have been able to do their work ruining what should be a pillar of righteousness. I have not given up. I will continue to speak out against the evil being done in our name. To borrow a quote from some I don't normally support.


I call on all confessing churches, and others who still desire to call Jesus Lord, to withhold all per-capita, until the leadership of this demonination is replaced with those who actually know what the essentials of the Christian Faith are, and follow them. This will not be easy. The entire Synod of the Northeast is so corrupt, Abraham would not be able to find enough faithful churches to meet his bargain with God about Sodom and Gomorrah. Given the brazen election in Hudson River Presbytery, the rot, like a mold infected house in New Orleans, appears to require demolition.

The choice is clear. Who is on the Lord's side?


Anonymous will spotts said...

I hadn't seen this yet.

There's something rotten there. All of us should be concerned.

Yes, you seem to be right about a pre-determined outcome. But I find that to be an all too consistent pattern of late in the PC(USA).

Take for example, the moderator's comments on Torrance. There really is no justifying that. Or the PC(USA)'s irresponsible political stances -- including the anti-Israel barrage.


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