Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Go Into the Furnace

The blessing of hearing poetry, is that it can be so wonderful to read it years later and see how it speaks to me. This poem was written almost four years ago, but is so fresh to me now, as I try to help my father with his broken back, my son and his afflictions, and my other worries. Now my wife's back is hurting. What next? So God's "suggestions" to me seem very applicable. Pray I will remember to trust.
We all need to keep being reminded.

On to the poem.

Go into the furnace.
Too hot to endure.
Like Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego.
Trust Me.
I am with you.
Go forward.
Thru midst of trouble
on My way.

Sometimes the burning’
just what you need.
Trouble brings wisdom.
Trials refine.
When death strikes near.
Illness strips strength.
Learn I’m in control.
I prepare you with suffering.

Don’t fear the furnace.
Your life part of My plan.
Step from boat’s safety
into the storm.
In wilderness
I mold you to My will.
Be not afraid.
Trust Me in life’s furnace.

(Daniel 3:1-28)
Thanks to Michael W. for the inspiration
© Presbypoet, December 30, 2001, & January 6, 2002

After reading Peggy Noonan's weekly column October 27th, perhaps I should send her a copy. She seems down.

Be not afraid.


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