Friday, October 28, 2005

Peace, Unity, Purity

We learn from those who see differently than we do. Right now I'm reading an important Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) document called "Peace, Unity and Purity." The PCUSA has been going through its own version of the civil war, now going on in all the mainline churches. This report is an four year effort by a formal group of 20 people appointed from both sides to sit down and talk to each other, and try to see if there is a way for us to stay together. A message for all of us caught in the culture wars.

One of the important strands of being an American comes from Presbyterians. We have a saying: "Do things decently and in order." Not steamrollering over your opposition, but letting the minority speak, going through the process. The American form of government is modeled after the presbyterian form of government.

In case you wonder at my perspective, this is a poem written in 2001, about the PCUSA (written prior to the vote at a presbytery meeting to send delegates to General Assembly).
Harlot, or Faithful?

You tell me you are faithful
you claim to love me true.
You are but painted harlot.
unfaithful in adulterous views.
You call yourself my bride
Yet heed the Devil’s call.
You listen to seductive voice
that tempts you to your fall.
You claim to hear my voice
yet never do you listen.
My burning wind will come upon you
to sweep away your rot.
Babylon’s army stands at crossroad.
Following My path.
Repent of your deep evil
or death comes from My wrath.

You claim to be so tolerant.
To preach only of My love.
But you’re only idolaters
worshipping tolerance of evil.
You lie of universal forgiveness
despite your words that claim
that on that tree, true God died
to free you from your sin.
You stand at time of choosing.
Which path will you go down?
Is it the straight and narrow?
Or the broad and wide?
I’ve given you My warning.
You chose Bill Clinton’s lies.
Instead of protecting marriage
you offer sin reward.

You vote for death.
You vote for lies.
You hypocrites, I despise.
I spew you from my mouth.
You claim to care for children
Yet listen to teachers union lies
who care not for children trapped in awful schools
but only members dues, rather than offer choice.
Your leaders speak of Justice
but Mine will you not hear.
It’s only deceitful rhetoric
disguising whitewashed tomb.
You vote for death
you’d 486 the innocent.
Free evil killers
while you disarm the weak.

You lead the church astray
You send the sheep away.
You drive away the prophets
who speak of apostasy.
You don’t believe the words you said
when you promised to obey.
You obey your own beliefs
not what the Word would say.
You wonder why your flocks
leave for greener pastures.
They leave your lies
and seek my truth.
You try to hide your lies
in words that sound like truth.
House divided, jagged chasm cracks
covered over, pretending all is right.

I offer you chance for repentance.
Abandon unfaithfulness.
Read not the book of order
but My true book of confession.
Confess your sins.
Confess your error.
Admit your wrong.
Admit your doubt.
Confess and be healed.
Confess and be whole.
I offer forgiveness
real, not just pretend.
There is nothing I cannot forgive
from all your harlot ways.
But you must truly repent
turn back from destruction’s path.

My faithful remnant
who’ve never bowed down.
I call you to speak honestly
with Love for those who lie.
Yes speak my truth.
No matter how painful
hated by those
who seek death’s broad easy way.
Your tolerance will kill you
kill your adulterous church.
Like Judah’s unfaithful harlot.
Babylon comes for you.
At your Ohio meeting
you will have to choose.
Will you follow heaven?
Or pay the devil’s dues?

This is last chance offered.
There are many of mine present here
but some will suffer awful pain
small faithful remnant left.
Who will you send?
Whose voice will speak?
On distant fateful shore
to make your church’s choice.
(Jeremiah 4:1-31 helped inspire)
January 26,2001 ©Presbypoet


Blogger Classical Presbyterian said...

Question for the PUP Force:

Can there be unity without Purity?

Or Peace?

PFG: Thanks for recalling our need for the "purity" of the faith, once given for all the saints

"No Peace witout Purity!"

Thanks for the words!


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