Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Finding God in Pain

Romans, Chapter five, says we are to rejoice in suffering.
Most Christians find this hard. Didn't we become Christians to be protected?
We want God to heal us. We want him to get rid of our addictions. Like the disciples in the boat, we want Him to calm the storm. The following poem is a message to me about how we find him in pain. Not to be saved from the pain, but purified in the pain. This message came when I was betrayed by someone in church. The temptation was strong to leave, and find a "better" church. In my pain, Jesus spoke.

As I study the PUP report, this poem also reminds me of the pain caused by "others" in the PCUSA. Pain that makes us want to leave. Pain that we think will go away if we just can change them. The answer isn't simple.
Listen to Jesus.
Learn to forgive.
Learn to hear God speak.
Learn God is using both of us.
I pray I will hear God's message and accurately write God's words. I know He loves me.

Finding God in Pain

You think you’re a shepherd.
You’re a sheep.
Wrapped in My loving arms
I love you dear sheep.
Share your pain with Me.
Now you know what I felt
when My own rejected My embrace.
What will you do My dear sheep?

What will you do when all reject you?
Tell you it’s demon you follow.
Will you be discouraged?
Will you give up?
Will you abandon My course?
Will you be obedient?
Will you march through My pain?
Pain of betrayal by one you trust.

Hurt to your core, pain overwhelming.
What will you do My dear sheep?
Sorrow for rejection and treachery.
Suffering too appalling to endure.
Will you go forth in your suffering?
Will you go on through the pain,?
Will you hang in agony?
Nailed by ones you trust.

Why do you follow Me?
Through a life fulfilled in sorrow.
Through a life completed in pain.
See what I came to endure.
See what I came to fulfill.
Brother & mother & dearest disciple
rejected Me, told Me “hold back”.
Abandoned me at the cross.

Forgive the one who hurts you.
You can’t hear Me in him otherwise.
Know I love him also.
I'm using all your imperfections,
to build up a body for Me.
I’m working on him in other ways.
Learn to listen together.
Hear Me together as brothers.

I’m your Lord and your Master.
Serve Me in all that’s important.
I send you places I chose.
Not just ones safe in your mind.
Let Me cleanse all of your stain.
Pain’s burning to purify.
To include you in My design
dear sheep in My arms.

Never will I abandon or forsake you.
I love you too much My dear sheep.
Justice and peace do I give you
all according to My plan.
Freedom from pain isn’t offered
nor freedom from sorrow.
I’ll snatch anything from you
that keeps you far from My name.

Hold your church very lightly
always ready to let go.
No church ever perfect
not even one tied to My name.
Let Me teach you a lesson.
You won’t find Me in church.
You find Me in loving relationship
held close to My bosom in Love.

© May 16, 2000, Presbypoet


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