Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on Pain

To continue on this painful posting, this poem expands on the theme of pain as your friend; what it can teach us, and how it can help us. I don't ask for pain. I know God gives it as a gift. It isn't the pain, but what we learn, in the same way a good teacher will give a student a pop quiz to teach them what they don't know.

Often men refuse to listen to pain, choosing instead to ignore, or pretend. My father after he fell, and broke his back, sat at home for an entire day, refusing to call for help, pretending he didn't hurt enough to require going to the hospital, refusing to listen to his pain.
Do you ever ignore your friend pain?

Pain, your close friend
Listen to my message.
Heed my call.
I come to help you.
I came to warn you.
I’m your friend
& ally.
Yet one you
want to ignore.

My warning hurts.
You don’t want it at all.
If you disregard
perhaps I’ll go away.
I’m your friend.
Listen to my warning.
I tell you what
you don’t want to hear.

Your body’s language
comes from me.
Pay close attention.
Hear what I say.
I warn you of danger.
I warn you of harm.
I give you escape
from your deep peril.

I offer you healing.
I offer you hope.
But you must listen.
You must obey.
Yield to my warning.
Slow down & stop.
Listen to your body.
Listen to your pain.

© Presbypoet, April 30, 2001


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