Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tomorrow, we travel to Berkeley to celebrate Thanksgiving with my father. It will be a small gathering, but we will meet.
For the past month, blogging has been reduced because I've been driving to Berkeley to help my 89 year old father, who broke three bones in his back.

I'm a responsible elder brother/son, the one who lives only one to two hours away (depending on how traffic on 880 is). My father lives in the same house he has lived in for 55 years. If he gets his wish, he will die in that house.

He puts on slide shows at retirement homes. He says he would live in one over his dead body. To transplant him would kill him. He would lose his reason to live, if he lost his freedom. He is fiercely independent. His mind is still sharp,(from doing crossword puzzles). Yet he needs help. How do we balance the two needs? How do we let them live dangerously, yet freely? This is the question we live lately.
So this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for much. Both joy and pain that refines, but most important, knowing God. Knowing He is with us. To see Him present with us in thanksgiving. The following is a poem that reminds us, God is present at the table.

As you gather
round this table
full of My blessings.
Will you thank Me?
As you count
your blessings
& think of all you have.
Will you praise Me?

As November’s days fade.
As winter’s darkness looms
& summer’s hope flees.
Will you hear Me?
In time of trouble
or time of plenty
when I seem silent & distant.
Will you obey Me?

As you stumble
on life’s path
without direction.
Will you follow Me?
In midst of affliction
pain, grief & testing.
In your time of refining.
Will you thank Me?

Rejoice on this day
of thanksgiving.
See Me
in your blessings.
See Me
in your pain.
See Me
at this table.
© Presbypoet, November 18, 2001

Have a joyful Thanksgiving.


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