Saturday, December 03, 2005


Today was Presbytery. An hour drive one way. Our moderator is a pastor who is a reserve chaplain called up to serve in Iraq. He was back in the U.S. and flew in for the day to moderate the Presbytery meeting. Now that is dedication. He isn't even staying to preach at his church. He flies back tonight.

He told us what it was like in Iraq. The docket had him scheduled for ten minutes. He spoke for forty. He served with the Marines. He told of leading a Marine to the Lord in a lonely watchtower. Of being bombarded with rockets. Of leading memorial services. Of another pastor who had conducted memorial services for 48 soldiers in his unit, then went home to Ohio with them, to minister to loved ones, and tell relatives of their sacrifice. Of flying on helicopters, never knowing if they might be shot down. He took us with him to Iraq, and made it real.

We welcomed a new church to our Presbytery. Is this a sign of real growth, or simply the last gasp of a dying denomination? Pray for the PCUSA. It isn't dead yet. I meet so many dedicated Christians at Presbytery meetings. I organize prayer during presbytery meetings, so the work is covered in prayer. We need to pray more. We try to do it in our own strength. Then wonder why we fail.

Got home to discover Sears had called about our replacement washer. The one that died 2 days after we got it new from the factory. They were sending another. It would be delivered December 14th. I called. Politely informed them that was not acceptable. It only took an hour to get it changed to the 6th. Then took the wash out for a drive. Not much time for the internet. No time for part two of Genesis. It will take me longer to write about it than for God to create it.

Tired. A good tired. Made it to the Church Christmas dinner only five minutes late. Missed the Carol service completely. Laundry can be more important than church. Important lesson; learning when to say no to the church.

Told a friend I should change my name to joyful Job, in honor of all the bad things happening. He thought the name fit. What does that tell you?

Now to rest. To be still. To hear God? We Presbyterians need to listen more.


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