Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Letter Kills but the Spirit Gives Life

What is worship? Do you know?
Does your worship please God? Do you care?
Do you want to know how to truly worship?
Do you feel empty at church?
Is it time wasted?
Is God distant?
Here is a message from God.
Does it apply?

The Letter Kills

I abhor your empty rituals.
You say the "right" things.
You do the "right" things.
Your fast means nothing.

Your hollow sacrifices
like Cain's offering
like older brother's acts
done in duty not love.

O adulterous one
when will you return
to your beloved and
share intimacy with Me?

You claim to join Me
in your celebration.
Yet show no sign
it transforms you.

I love you.
Do you love Me?
Show your love for Me
in how you love the other.

In worship know Me fully.
Take Me deep within.
Take up your cross
then follow Me.
Genesis 4:5, Hosea 2:14-22, 2 Corinthians 3:1-6, Mark 2:18-21, Luke 15:28-30
Inspired by Dennis P., February 26, 2006
© Presbypoet, February 26, 2006

Have you ever known God's true presence in worship?


Blogger cloudtrance said...

I loved it..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. I guess you must be thinking of yourself as you dwell on these thoughts? All to often Christians look at others and find themselves disgusted by others who act different or think that they "don't get it".

I am sure you have met those who think they are more holy than others and judge people at church.

How spiritual on your part to allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate your heart and allow you to reflect on yourself instead of others and how they may be worshipping God in the depths of their heart.

This is a touching self-reflective peace of writing.

Thank you for sharing it with your readers.

Sarah (blog explorer)


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