Thursday, April 13, 2006


The "new" "gospel" of "Judas" reminds me of some of my poems by and about Judas. Judas may have been doing the will of God in betraying Jesus, the only problem is Judas chose to betray. No one made him do it. This poem written from Judas perspective sums up why death seemed Judas only choice; Why the gnostic "gospel" isn't good news.

I Judas
Take back your silver
I betrayed him.

I was wrong
He was Messiah, I thought.

Come to rescue
from Pagan Romans.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Guilt Gnaws
Acid corrodes….Inside.

I thought I knew him
I heard his message.

I saw him heal
I felt his grace.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Nailed to his cross
Nails driven so deep.

I couldn’t bear to watch
Goodness hung on a tree.

Arms outstretched
Dying between two thieves.

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Wound so deep
So final.

No penance possible.
I chose DEATH.

Death the only payment
for my sin

I didn’t understand
I didn’t know him.

Death, payment for sin
Both our destinies.

But for me
The potter’s field.

For Him
The empty tomb.

I didn’t know Him.

© Presbypoet April 22, 2000

Like Judas, we need to learn if we truly know Jesus.


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