Saturday, November 18, 2006

Warning from God?

After the election, (the next night), some people from our church met with a charismatic congregation who tried to "teach" us to be more wild and crazy, (we are Presbyterians, God's frozen people). In the midst of the wildness, I heard a poem that had nothing to do with what was going on, yet had everything to do with what was going on. Part one was heard in the service, part two comes later.

Warning (part one)
You stood at a crossroad,
Offered a choice like
Israelites in Paran's desert.
You turned away in fear.

You fled from battle against evil
abandoning duty, running in retreat.
Choosing to take the "easy" road.
A path you think leads to peace.

You imagine evil will ignore you
if you hide and do nothing to provoke.
You fools - evil only strengthens
devil's jihad will return to your home.

The path you trod leads to death.
Fire soon to fall on your cities.
Your only peace will be the grave.
Fear now holds you captive slave.

You pitiful people seduced by lying leaders
no longer will your lampstand burn.
No longer will you command respect.
Your power useless against your foes.

If you abandon those who support you
to death and dhimmihood by failing to pay the cost
soon you will stand alone - stripped naked.
Death or slavery your only choice.

© Presbypoet (heard November 8th, in the midst of chaos service)

Is this poem true? Or is this just me expressing fears that come from my mind. Who is speaking? Is it me? Is it God? What do you think?


Anonymous Lewis said...

I am pentacostal and hear from god in poetic form also through the inspiration of the holy spirit.I thought I was just crazy and hearing things made up in my own mind. But after 7 years of constant messages and poems I know it is from god.


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