Thursday, October 26, 2006

I heard from a friend suffering great pain. I told her I grieved with her. Pain should be our helper, to warn us of danger, yet it can be a harsh taskmaster. It seems a strange tool for a good God to use. I do have a poem from God about that, of course.

You wonder why
I allow pain.
Let you go
through suffering.
You ask for release
from pain.
Complain when prayer
isn’t answered.

Hear Me.
In suffering
I refine you.
In pain
you feel Me.

Go into life’s furnace
Like Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego.*
Trust Me.
I Am.
I offer you cross.
Take it with joy.
Carry My burden
so light.

My pain
is a gift
to transform
& refine.
I burn off
your dross.
To make you
My light.
© Presbypoet, September 21, 2002

Are you in pain? Do you understand why?

This still seems a strange gift.
* Daniel 3:1-30


Blogger RickinVa said...

PP, good to see you posting again...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This poem is great but like, how do i explain this to others because if i read this to them they'll have all these questions and i dont know how to answer them i wish i understood quiet how to explain that if theres a God , why do he allows so much suffering do you know an easier answer that i can make into a short poem? thanks you so much for this nice poem....
- - Andrea - - your reader...

Anonymous Presbypoet said...

Pain is a strange gift. It is a gift. I will post poems in the today on the subject.


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